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  • Une

    We are
    a people's

  • Une

    Each person is unique,
    with his or her own
    strengths and weaknesses,
    and each contributes
    his or her own style,
    talent and experience.

  • Une

    Often, in an
    inertia and
    are formed that are
    unproductive and
    that do not help the
    group as a whole.

  • Une

    A company
    is a group
    of people.

  • Une

    When people in
    an organisation
    communicate and
    share a common
    language, things flow.

  • Une

    We are dedicated
    to executive
    and coaching
    in large



Une aims to bring humanism to organisations, bringing out and joining the potential of the people and putting them at the service of their profession with a positive attitude.

From a
point of view

Help people connect with their talents, aligning their resource potential and their unlimited possibilities, providing them with a better emotional self-knowledge.

From a
point of view

Awaken the collective intelligence and improve the understanding of diversity at the heart of the teams. Each contribution of value from a member of the team is fundamental to its performance.

From a company
point of view

Help organisations generate productive relationships, efficient teams and people who are motivated and committed. Bring individual talents to the forefront and use them to the advantage of the organisation.
Begoña Vázquez

Begoña Vázquez


I am a graduate in education from USC and have a Master’s in Human Resources from ESADE. I am an Executive Coach ACC (Accredited Certified Coach) from the International Coach Federation, and a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). As a business consultant, I specialise in development, functional team cohesion, change processes and transformation in organisations. I give strategic and executive coaching to managers of large multinationals.


  • Audacity
  • Professionalism
  • Courage
  • Hapiness
  • Fun
«I love creating initiatives, involving
and instilling enthusiasm in others on the project, guiding them towards success in the process»

«I’m motivated by new challenges
I find that inspire me and make me a pioneer»

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery

Personal and team development programmes using the Insights tool.

Discover the meaning of preferences and behaviours. Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong, effective and fluid relations.


  • Emotional diversity management
  • Strengthening of teams
  • Development of adapting, change and flexibility

How it works

Insights Discovery uses a simple model of four colours to understand an individual’s personal preferences. One of the results is a 20-page personal profile that identifies talents and areas of development.

Insights Discovery stems from the work of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung. It is constantly revised and updated to ensure that it is always adjusted and profoundly inspirational.

You will…

  • Improve your communication skills
  • Create better personal and professional relationships
  • Develop your interpersonal skills
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Lego Serious Play

Lego Serious Play

The workshops provide specific and precise tools that help executives identify and develop their skills for generating positive development environments.

Lego® Serious Play® is a consolidated methodology, designed to facilitate knowledge, communication and problem-solving in teams and organisations within contexts of change, innovation or complex situations.

It is based on a series of principles:
Adaptation: A more complex environment that requires the development of the ability to Adapt.
Contributing value: Intention of people to add, contribute and feel part of something bigger.
Maximum contribution: Contribution of 100% of potential with regard to resolving complex problems, sharing the vision and contributing to its construction.
Play: We learn through play which connects us to the emotional and experimental side of things.
“Hands on”: Better uptake of information, knowledge and a stronger connection when we work with our hands.

What we hope to achieve through the sessions is: to go further in shared visions, achieve a better engagement of the participants and also a better understanding of the team’s and the organisation’s goals; in short, TRANSFORMATION.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® eis a very powerful tool for team building and for strengthening the company’s identity.

How to create inspiring Leadership
Personal self-awareness workshops
Effective conversations for personal and professional development
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Through ontological coaching tools and third-generation neuro-linguistic programming technology, these learnings are destined to encourage personal discovery and to strengthen the skills of our clients.

At Une Consulting we use an ontological coaching approach in addition to mental pattern change technology for neuro-linguistic programming that aims to identify limiting beliefs that condition improvement and which –in itself– leads to actions that open up new opportunities, as well as Body Techniques that help unblock a more effective behaviour in more emotional situations.

We identify the mechanisms behind these behaviours. Our mission is to help ‘bring out’, facilitate change but never from a ‘knowing’ point of view because the coach does not have the answers.


  • Personal Empowerment
  • Self-leadership
Success stories

Success stories

Almirall / Be up / Campsa / Equatorial Coca Cola Bottling / Esade / Iveco / Mahou San Miguel / Solan de Cabras / Swedish Orphan Biovitrum / Telefónica / Wylma Blein



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